Credit: Instagram Photo: Uncle Nino Gives Vinny a Noogie

Who could forget Uncle Nino? As Vinny Guadagnino told us many times on Jersey Shore, he’s the “original guido” — a full-blooded Italian man with a crazy sense of humor and an unabashed love for the ladies. If you’ve been missing Vinny’s kooky uncle, good news! You’ll be able to see him on the fresh-to-death guido’s upcoming hybrid talk-reality show, The Show With Vinny, which premieres on May 2, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV!


We’ve already seen some photo sneak peeks at how Vinny’s family is helping him during filming. He’s got “mama’s boy problems” (though his mom is seriously awesome and a great cook), and he even put his sisters to work to help him out behind-the-scenes during filming.


We are so excited to see Vin and his family on his new show, and Uncle Nino is apparently just as thrilled.


Vinny recently Instagrammed an adorable pic of him getting a loving combination hug and noogie from his uncle, playfully captioning the photo, “Watch the hair!!!” Aww!


Did you know that Uncle Nino even has his own Instagram? Sadly his photos are set to private, but his profile pic is him giving JWOWW a kiss on the cheek. Why are we not surprised?

 Are you excited to see him on Vinny’s new show? What are your favorite Uncle Nino moments? Sound off below!