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As Jersey Shore fans know, Vinny has turned his anxiety disorder into a positive thing by speaking to college students about how to overcome their own social anxiety issues. But during a recent speech to an auditorium full of college kids, the king of calm had to shut down a heckler.

In the video below, the male audience member stands up to ask Vinny a question during what TMZ reports was a serious speech at Niagara County Community College on October 3. He asks Vinny how many STDs he got after shooting the first episode.

Vinny, being the kind of guy who lets go and lets God, took the opportunity to diagnose the kid, saying, “This is a perfect example of someone living through their ego because of their own problems.” He continues, “He has so much going on in his own head that he has to bring other people down. I’ll pray for you, my dude.”

Way to be the bigger man, Vin! Check it out below.

Credit: TMZ Photo: Vinny Talks About Anxiety Disorders to a Community College (VIDEO)

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