Jersey Shore's Deena Nicole may still be a "meatball" at heart, but on the outside she's svelte as can be. Celebuzz recently caught up with the newly-skinny guidette, and she dished about how she shed the pounds and her strategy for keeping them off during the holidays.

"I have to be honest, I indulged," Deena admitted when asked about holidays past. "And I still indulge. I just have to watch what I eat. I try not to eat after a certain time. I just try and keep it steady. That's all I can do."

As for how she lost the weight in the first place, Deena swears by the basics: Diet and exercise. "Most of it was dieting and just running, like, for 30 minutes a day."

For more from Deena, watch the whole video below.

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: Deena Nicole's Tricks for Staying Skinny During the Holidays (VIDEO)

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Source: Celebuzz

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