Credit: Instagram

It’s been amazing to watch Snooki grow up and change from a Jersey Shore party girl to a wonderful mom. She’s said she’ll feel embarrassed when her son Lorenzo eventually sees the trouble she got into at the shore, but we know he’ll love her no matter what and be proud of how far she’s come since then.

She’s matured a lot over the past year in facing new challenges as a mother, from a long and painful (but oh-so worth it!) labor, to learning how to cope with some icky baby situations.

She’s even gotten back into shape after giving birth and is eating healthy and working out! Go, Snooks!

But recently, Snooki revealed another way she’s changed since becoming a mother. Our favorite mama meatball recently Instagrammed a pic showing off her awesome hair and make-up collection — and something certainly stands out about it.

Credit: Instagram

“Becoming a mother has definitely made me more organized,” Snooki captioned the pic. Her eye shadows, brushes, and fake eyelashes laid out so neatly is definitely a different picture from how she kept her stuff at the Shore House.

Just another reason to be proud of our girl!

What do you think of Snooki’s transformation from party girl to mama? What’s been your favorite change thus far? Sound off below!