Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter Photo: Snooki Wears a Beret

We all know that Snooki is one of the shorter celebrities out there, but we had no idea she was this tiny.

During Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 5: “Old Profession,” Snooki’s true height was revealed after she made some nurses measure her height during a visit to the doctor with Jenni (who fractured her foot during a fight). Snooks, who says she always thought of herself as being 4’ 9”, was actually revealed to be 4’ 8”.

Anyone under 4’ 10” is legally considered to be a little person, so although this doesn’t change Snooks’ height status, it didn’t make her feel any better about her petite stature. The star pouted and “waah”-ed her way out of the doctor’s office after learning that she had “shrunk.”

Hey Snooks, just think of it as a better excuse to wear more insanely high heels!

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