Credit: BIW/Fame Pictures Photo: Deena and Pauly D Go for a Stroll

No one from Camp Britney or Camp Pauly has confirmed yet that the pair will team up for Brit's comeback tour this summer, but the Jersey Shore star got quite the audition when he opened for her in Vegas for an MTV concert special. Her previously booked opening act for the upcoming Femme Fetale Tour was Enrique Eglesias, but he just bowed out, and all signs point to Pauly being his replacement act.

Pauly D and Britney share the same manager, Larry Rudolph, so it seems like a deal booked in heaven, right? But will touring this summer interfere with his Jersey Shore shooting schedule or his gig with the Palms Resort and Casino as their exclusive DJ-in-residence for 2011?

It looks like there are a lot of deets to be hashed out, but, Pauly told Starpulse that he's totally digging the new Spears album, saying, "All I have to say is that Britney Spears is back and she is not playing around! Her album, I already have it, and it's crazy. It's all club bangers. I can play every single one of those songs."

Hmm, are you trying to suck up to the boss lady a little bit there, Pauly?

Source: Ace Showbiz