Now that Lindsay Lohan has done Playboy, is it safe for the ladies of Jersey Shore to consider a spread? JWOWW reportedly turned them down when they offered, but now Sammi Sweetheart is on the fence.

Rob Shuter of HDNet asked Sammi point-blank if she would consider it, and Sammi instantly says no, but for a very odd reason: “My boobs are real. They would like, sag to the floor.”

Really? The 24-year-old who played college soccer has boobs that hit the floor whenever she takes her push-up bra off? We highly doubt that, Sammi.

Nevertheless, Sammi says that, even though “I’d feel weird about my boobs,” she’s open to the possibility. “You never know what tomorrow could bring,” she says. Even if that means public nudity.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Sammi Sweetheart Says Her ''Boobs Sag to the Floor''

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