Credit: Twitter

There’s no denying that Jersey Shore star Sammi Sweetheart is a naturally gorgeous girl. Even when lounging around the Shore house in sweats and a T-shirt, she always looked sexy, cute, and popular to boot.

That being said, it’s amazing how much makeup (or lack thereof) can transform your look! When Sammi did a makeup-free “Make Under” photoshoot for, fans were shocked to see how different (and amazing!) she looked under all that eyeliner, shadow, and bronzer.

She also wore her hair wavy for the shoot, and according to the site, she has a “great natural wave and bend to her hair” — not to mention beautiful, clear skin.

We love Sammi’s fresh-faced look, but we know she’s a guidette, so fake lashes and lots of foundation comes with the territory. We think Sammi rocks both looks and is absolutely lovely either way, but which do you prefer? Vote below!