Think that Snooki is a ditz? Well she may have an explanation for her recent bouts of silliness.

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes around a pregnant woman then you’ve probably heard of “pregnancy brain,” a non-scientific term for the forgetfulness and ditziness that plagues some expectant mothers once they get knocked up. When Snooki appeared on The Talk last week, the women asked her if she had experienced “pregnancy brain.”

“Pregnancy brain, like stupid?” Snooki asked the women. “That’s what I tell everyone but I’m like that all the time!”

However, the petite reality star added that her forgetfulness is “worse now.”

Snooki being ditzy and forgetful? We can’t wait to see how this will play out in Jersey Shore Season 6!

Watch Snooki’s interview below, where she talks about her favorite pregnancy books.

Credit: YouTube Photo: How Snooki Prepared for Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

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