Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter Photo: Snooki Wears Makeup to the Gym

Snooki has no problem showing off her natural face, posting photos all the time without a stitch of mascara, bronzer, or eyeliner on. But when it comes to hitting the gym, what's this guidette's makeup protocol?

Well, based on this Twitter photo from a gym session yesterday, it looks like the Jersey Shore star sticks to a light mascara, foundation, and lower lid eyeliner to sweat it out.

After all, she is hitting the machines alongside this crazy buff, cute trainer, so we don't blame her for powdering her nose a bit. And hey, at least she didn't spend time gluing the fake eyelashes on!

What do you think of Snooki's gym makeup? Should she go all natural for her workouts, or is her light makeup totally appropriate? Let us know in the buttons below.

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Source: @snooki

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