Credit: Richie Buxo/Splash News; VS/Splash News Photo: Snooki's Hair: Straight vs. Wavy

Snooki has changed her hair many times throughout the years, but recently, it’s been a gorgeous shade of red. Occasionally she darkens or brightens the color or adds extra extensions, but in the past few months, the biggest alterations we’ve seen are in her styling.

When she’s out on the town or going to an event, Snooks goes for old Hollywood waves or even curls! But when she wants a sleek look for a date night or even a business meeting, she goes for a pin-straight ‘do that makes our jaws drop.

While Snooki’s makeup is usually the center of her look — hello, fake eyelashes! — we’re obsessed with her hair. She recently shared some tips and tricks to get soft and silky hair like her, and we’ll definitely be trying them out soon.

But for now, let’s take a vote, shall we? Is our favorite Jersey Shore guidette’s hair hotter straight or wavy? Tell us your preference below!