Credit: Instagram; Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News Photo: Jenelle Evans vs. Snooki: Tramp Stamp-Off!

There are many places to tattoo on your body, but the first place most gals ink up is their lower back, not-so-affectionately called the “tramp stamp.”

While some go on to regret their placement, others flaunt it proudly, and Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans is definitely the latter. This young mama shows off her skull and butterfly tattoo every chance she gets, which sits on her lower back underneath cherry blossom branches. So classy, right?

On the other hand, Jersey Shore guidette Snooki isn’t super proud of her first tattoo, but it does have significant meaning. Her last name (Polizzi) is front and center, written in the middle of angel wings. She recently revealed that it symbolizes her strong bond with her parents. Aww!

Snooki’s is done up in classic black and white while Jenelle’s has some pink in it, but both tramp stamp wings look like they could take flight anytime! Whose tattoo do you prefer? Vote below!