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FINALLY. Finally, our Jersey Shore Dictionary has some solid additions. We were starting to worry that the gang’s creative juices had all but dried up. Well, not so much. Start using these phrases now so you can say you were first!

Little Nugget.
The most accurate nickname for Snooki we’ve ever heard. (Source: Ryder)

Pissed All Over My Parade. An expression used when an exciting night at the club is ruined with stupid drama. It’s also something that would be impressive if actually accomplished. (Source: Ronnie)

Canadia. The land that a seemingly large amount of DTF girls in Miami originate from. AKA Canada. (Source: The Situation)

Bein' Out. To leave momentarily. This also describes the girls that The Situation brought back to the house this week. (Source: The Situation)


Deena Nicole's Edition of the Jersey Shore Dictionary

Jersey Shore Dictionary, Episode 2.10