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For anyone doubting Snooki’s parenting abilities, check out this parody video from a 2010 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Sesame Shore” is a new version of Sesame Street featuring Jersey Shore castmates. And Snooki definitely has fun playing with the little ones.

Watch as she puts on a giant Muppets costume and plays the “Snooki Monster,” and introduces a lovely group of children to a new Sesame Street character named Mr. Pickles. When Mr. Pickles asks Snooki, “Wanna f**k?” she obliges him, diving behind the set and kissing her new friend.

Also, check out Pauly D and JWOWW in a hot tub, playing their very own X-rated game with rubber toys.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Flashback Friday: Pauly D and JWOWW Play With Condoms in a Hot Tub (VIDEO)

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