Credit: Photo Courtesy of MTV Photo: Jersey Shore Season 5: Pauly D's Promo Photo

This week, we continued to watch the demise of Vinny Guadagnino on Jersey Shore. He ultimately wound up going back home at the end of the episode, but we already knew about that.

Pauly D also finds himself victim to a crime committed by a lot of girls in their 20s: drunken kleptomania. Snooki narrowly avoids an awkward Situation with Jionni, in which the two of them become oddly buddy-buddy after a night of drinking. Like, wifed up, swapping clothes, and cooking for each other buddy-buddy. Confused? Well, it's Mike, so, yeah.

We also watch the macaroni rascals on their first night back at Karma. Pros include: no SamRon drama and drunk Snooki dancing.

Our rating: 4 stars.

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