Credit: PerezHilton

Wow. We don’t know about you, but the drama dominating Jersey Shore Season 5 suddenly seems so trivial in light of Snooki’s pregnancy and engagement. But there's still a new episode, and we're still going to watch.

“You scared of milk, Popeye?!” That’s Snooki, talking to The Situation, in this sneak peek of the long-awaited milk fight on Season 5, Episode 10.

After Mike told Jionni about the night he supposedly hooked up with Nicole just weeks after she and Jionni got together, Snooki predictably goes on a rampage. For whatever reason, she starts screaming on the rooftop about the, ahem, members of Jionni, Vinny, and The Situation, shouting about which one she likes best, and how they compare.

Our favorite moment by far is Vinny in the confessional saying, “All of a sudden my d**k gets brought in to the conversation.” He looks down. “Like, what the f**k did we do?”

Credit: PerezHilton Photo: Snooki Goes on a Milk Rampage on Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 10 (VIDEO)

Catch an all-new Jersey Shore on Thursday, March 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 


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