Whoa. Sammi Sweetheart isn’t always the sweetest b**ch we’ve ever seen, after all.

In this sneak peek from Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 4: “Free Vinny,” we get to see the highly anticipated girl fight between Sam and some random club girls. Sam proves she can quite literally roll with the punches, as she fights on the floor in crazy Spiderwoman poses with at least two blurry-faced attackers. It takes two enormous professional bouncers to rip her off the other girl and kick her out of the club.

Gee, what happened Sammi? “Somebody f**ckin’ yanked on the back of my head,” she explains, totally annoyed that anyone would dare pull on her brand new weave. “I got attacked by like a swarm of f**cking b**ches.”

The best part of this clip is seeing the self-satisfied grin on Sammi’s face, not to mention the pride in Ronnie’s eyes after seeing his girl throw down.

More Sammi fights please!

Credit: PerezHilton Photo: Watch: Sammi Fights With ''Swarm of B**ches'' on Jersey Shore

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