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On Jersey Shore, sometimes learning new things can be a challenge. Like, learning to put underwear on before leaving the house, or how to kidnap a piece of cake in the middle of the night, or how to turn an alarm clock off. Deena Nicole has had to learn a lot of these lessons in seasons past, and in this sneak peek from Season 6, she gets a brand new one.

With JWOWW acting as Deena’s substitute meatball, the pair does some day-drinking at the bar. JWOWW recites what later became the title of Season 6, Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity.” Deena doesn’t know what integrity means, but she’s pretty sure you have it when you flash your cooka at the club.

Watch and learn!

Credit: PerezHilton Photo: Jersey Shore Season 6 Sneak Peek: JWOWW and Deena Nicole Learn New Words (VIDEO)