Credit: MTV

MTV has reportedly announced that yes, there will be a Season 6 of Jersey Shore. Which means we’ll most likely get to watch — wait for it — Snooki give birth!

According to reports, MTV has given the go-ahead for one more summer in Seaside Heights. And sources say that the cast will finally address “the cast’s off-camera fame.” Thank goodness, since the whole Shore Store job farce was getting really old in Season 5.

With Snooki supposedly giving birth at the end of the summer, we can’t wait to see Snooks at the peak of her pregnancy, ordering around Jionni, and perhaps a maid or two.

All seven of the other cast members are in, and there are no reports yet on where the amazing eight will live.

May we suggest a house with more than one smush room? Pauly D was getting pregnant just from touching that mattress!

Source: TVOvermind

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