Credit: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: Vinny on the Beach in Seaside on June 29, 2011

We always knew Vinny was the most scholarly of the Jersey Shore gang — he did consider law school, after all — but we didn't know he was this smart!

According to the article "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me: Vinny Guadagnino " in Us Weekly, Vinny graduated from CUNY College of Staten Island in just three and a half years, and earned a whopping 3.9 GPA.

Some of the other secrets Vinny reveled to Us Weekly paint a very different picture than the lovable goofball we're used to seeing on Jersey Shore. Apparently he is "fascinated” by quantum physics, interned for a New York State assemblyman, and somehow finds time in his busy life as a hard partying reality star to "read two books a month."

Vinny even writes "music, poetry and stories," which you can read at There's a sensitive artists under that guido exterior!

Source: Us Weekly


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