Credit: Plixi Photo: Sammi Visits the City
The Situation has been Twittering nonstop about his debut in tonight’s Season 11 premiere of Dancing With the Stars. While Snooki wished him luck and requested a fist pump, the rest of his cast mates have been radio silent on the issue. Of course, they have a lot of other important things to focus on, like protein bars and warm nuts.

MTVsammi Cityy today..i want to be 17 again :) Sammi’s longing for her pre-Ronnie days.

Sn00ki @ItsTheSituation Good luck tonight boo!!! Ill be votin for ya! Add a fist pump and represent the fam !!!!! Aw, that's sweet. Especially since she totally disparaged his fist pumps last week.

ItsTheSituation Situation VOTE! Tonight at 8:00 get it on ur speed dial now so there won't b a bad situation later 800-VOTE-410 (800-868-3410) We'll hit speed dial once per fist pump. Deal?

Sn00ki Lovin this photoshoot! Never put the poof so high b4! Sickkkk Way to get out of your comfort zone, Snooks.

JENNIWOWW Had a protein bar that tasted like wet dog... Why can't I find one that's actually edible That's why we stick with candy bars, Jenni.

VINNYGUADAGNINO Ok im late to my interview and my driver just pulled over and picked up warm nuts from a vendor on the street lol #mint Today's lesson for the nouveau riche: It's so hard to find good help.

Sn00ki @DJPaulyD your like really hot! Can you like, fist pump? Aren't you suppose to be in miami? Are you mocking a specific Pauly D fan, Snooki, or the whole caboodle?