Credit: David Livingston/ Getty Images Photo: Deena Cortese After Jersey Shore Season 4

With most of the Jersey Shore ladies paired up (though we never know with SamRon), one little meatball has yet to debut a boyfriend either on- or off-screen. But Deena Nicole Cortese broke character over the weekend, when she was seen downing lovey-dovey desserts and sharing straws with her new love at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.

His name is Chris Buckner, and the pair were spotted sharing more than saliva: “For dessert, the couple flirted while they fed each other chocolate-covered strawberries and white chocolate treats.” And to spark some more romantic fire, they indulged in “the restaurant’s signature Lollipop Passion Goblet.” We’re not sure what that would even look like, but, judging from this photo, it was likely big and decadent.

We’re just hoping we get to see a quadruple-date on Season 5 with all four JS girls and their men. We’d likely see lollipops, goblets, and passion flying all over the place.

Source: Haute Living

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