OMG: Deena Nicole has deleted her Twitter!

The lovable Jersey Shore star announced her desire to delete her Twitter earlier today, writing “Thinking about deleting my twitter soon.. I still love u tweeties <3 xox.” A few moments later, the star shut down her account, and now any links to @deenanicoleMTV direct to an error message on Twitter’s website.

We just want to know why the blast in a glass decided to delete her Twitter. Shortly before deleting her account, Deena tweeted some cryptic messages (we saved a screenshot below) about wanting to return to a normal life.

“And this too shall pass. Remember no matter good it is or bad it is forever changing. And this too shall pass,” Deena tweeted.
“Can’t wait to be able to move on with my life,” Deena continued. “Sometimes normalcy keeps a person sane.”

If we nestle into our armchairs and play therapist, it sounds like Deena is fed up with life as a bold-faced name. It can’t be easy to be a fun-loving and open person like Deena in the age of the internet troll. Haters will often pick on any famous person, especially if he or she has a wild public persona.

Deena is currently doing press for the final season of Jersey Shore, which premiered last week.

We just hope that Deena is doing OK.

UPDATE: Deena's Twitter feed is now back up. As we first reported, the star will just be taking a short break from Twitter after feeling bullied by haters. The star wrote on her account that she will be "taking a break" from tweeting for a little bit.

Catch the next new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, October 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: @DeenaNicoleMTV

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Credit: Twitter Photo: Deena Nicole's Last Tweets