Credit: David Livingston/ Getty Images, CPA, Photo: Did Deena Nicole Get Plastic Surgery?

Who are you and what have you done with our little meatball?

Seen in photos at MTV's Spring Break 2012 in Las Vegas earlier in the week (right), we couldn't help but notice that Deena Nicole of Jersey Shore appears to have made some drastic physical changes.

Compared to an earlier photo of the reality TV star from 2010 (left), Deena looks like she made her eyebrows thinner, hair straighter, lips plumper, and face generally tighter.

The New York Post took notice of her apparent changes too, reporting that "the planes of her face appeared to have changed -- possibly with fillers" and "Cortese might even have had her nose revised again, as it no longer appears to slope downward."

What do you think? Did Deena get some corrective work done, or is the 25-year-old brunette looking different due to growing up and slimming down? She is on a new diet, after all. Vote in our poll below!

Source: New York Post

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