Credit: Photo: Ronnie on the Beach in Seaside on June 20, 2012

We love a good gorilla juicehead, but Ronnie of Jersey Shore is borderline King Kong juicehead these days.

The reality TV star was seen on the beach in Seaside Heights, NJ yesterday (June 20), showing off his ultra-buff body while going for a dip in the ocean. Aside from his bulging biceps, Ron seems to have bigger pec muscles, and more definition in his lower ab area — aka The Situation's infamous body region.

Speaking of which, Ron isn't the only housemate working on his physique lately. A recently sober Mike also looks buffer than usual, and Sammi and Deena have been spotted frequenting the gym themselves. So what's your take on the tan man? Is Ronnie just shaping up like the rest of his roomies, or is he hitting the weight room just a smidge too hard? Let us know in the comments!

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