Despite what Jersey Shore’s producers would have us believe when watching the show, life has changed in big ways for the eight GTL-loving castmates. And although she may not be the most high-profile roommate, Sammi Sweetheart still has to deal with the same fame-related problems as Snooki and Pauly D.

“The most difficult part is not having a private life,” Sammi told the Gloucester County Times of her rising notoriety. “Like, you can’t go to the store without being recognized.”Still, she tries to maintain a relatively normal life when away from the cameras. “I definitely play soccer every week and try to keep life as normal as I can,” Sammi says.

On the flip side, fame has been a blessing for her brand-wise. Two new additions to the Sammi product bin include line of workout clothes called Sexy Sweetheart (“sports bras, yoga pants and jackets,” she says), and her own custom-made iPhone cases, “handmade with crystals, individually made for everybody.”
Sammi says that everything about her life changes once she gets back to the Jersey Shore to film Season 6 this summer. “When we’re filming, it’s 24/7,” she says. “We don’t have computers or anything, we are being filmed 24/7 for a month. When we aren’t filming, we do everything to promote the show, plus we hang out with each other a lot.”

Here’s hoping the show’s producers don’t try to hide the stars’ fame in Season 6. Seeing how each castmate has dealt with the changes could make for a far more interesting season.

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