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Now that The Situation is sober, all kinds of acting opportunities are probably popping up on his schedule. And this first post-rehab debut, in which The Sitch is the king of Leonardo DiCaprio’s world, is a winner.

In a promo for the new and improved Titanic 3D, in theaters now, Mike takes over for Kate Winslet and poses nude, sprawled out royally on the legendary Titanic naked drawing couch, as Leo sketches his most brilliant features.

The Situation even gets a few lines in (which is more than he can say for his Suburgatory cameo). “Sorry dude, I think I got some spray tan on your loveseat. My bad.” And the kicker, “I wonder how my abs would look in 3D.”

We’re not sure if seeing Mike and Leo in an intimate moment will have people rushing to the 3D theaters, but we are happy to see the Jersey Shore star on the Titanic payroll.

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Situation Gets Spray Tan on Leonardo DiCaprio's Titanic Couch (VIDEO)

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