Credit: Instagram

Did you know that Jionni LaValle was a wrestler back in the day? He comes from a family of wrestlers and wrestled in high school, and though he’s been fairly busy raising his son, Lorenzo, he recently made time to practice a few crazy moves with one of his buddies!

“Leg drop off the top ropes!”, Jionni wrote as a caption for this crazy new Instagram photo of him jumping on top of his friend, who is laying face up on a trampoline. “@vincenzo126 took a beating today.” Ouch, that looks kind of painful, but Jionni seemed to enjoy it.

Credit: Instagram

We wonder if one day Jionni will teach Lorenzo how to wrestle. After all, the passion for the sport seems to run in the family!

Jionni’s passion for fitness definitely seemed to rub off on his fiancée, Snooki, who has been hitting the gym daily and become a gym rat and health nut herself! We have a feeling that they’ll continue to be a very fit family.

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