Credit: Twitter

Although we like to think of Snooki’s fiancé Jionni LaValle as a pretty laid-back, chill kind of guido dude, a recent creepy pic he Instagrammed has burned a bit of that away from our conscience!

Snooki quipped on Twitter: “Only my fiancé would have wwe matches on a trampoline,” referencing Jionni’s love of wrestling and recent “matches” on his backyard trampoline with his buddy where he showed off some his crazy moves.

We’ve seen him in action, and now we’re getting a very intense post-match pic, as Jionni Instagrammed this intense super-closeup photo of him covered in sweat and glaring at the camera. “We will meet again for the title @vincenzo126 !!! #rematch #titleontheline,” he wrote as a caption for this creepy pic. Looks like despite his best efforts, Jionni lost this round! Though judging by his facial expression, he’s ready to kick butt in Trampoline WWE Round 2.

What do you think of Jionni’s intense new pic? Is it awesome, or a little too creepy for your tastes? Sound off below!