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If you didn’t see the March 3 episode of Saturday Night Live, you not only missed Lindsay Lohan’s critically panned hosting gig — you missed Mad Men’s Jon Hamm playing Jionni LaValle to comedian Bobby Moynihan’s Snooki. The bit was hilarious, but even funnier is the fact that Jon had absolutely no idea who Jionni is.

In an interview with New York Magazine's Vulture blog, Jon was asked if he knew of Jionni, and he laughed before admitting, “No, I don’t.” In the clip below, Jon is seen screaming at Bobby’s Snooki, “All I ever do is love you, why can’t you let me!?”

Still, Jon says he’s never even seen an episode of Jersey Shore (blasphemy!). “I’ve never seen it. But I do know Bobby’s Snooki is phenomenal. So it was pretty fun to do.”

No hard feelings, Jon. How can we blame a face that gorgeous for anything?

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Credit: Hulu Photo: Snooki & Jionni Get the Saturday Night Live Treatment on March 3, 2012

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