Credit: Instagram

In case you’re wondering how JWOWW stays so slim, her secret is hitting the gym on the regular and following a strict “Paleo” diet, which cuts out most carbs and sugar from a diet of only meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seafood.

Credit: Instagram

But every now and then, JWOWW will splurge on something special, as long as it’s gluten-and-dary-free, of course! Recently, the guidette Instagrammed this pretty pic of her looking very cute post-workout, munching on a yummy snack, and it might surprise to find out how crazy it is!

Oh hello post workout protein cookie,” JWOWW wrote as a caption. “#glutenfree #dairyfree thank u@kellifelice and ur amazing bakery #notjustdesserts opening up soon yayyyyy can't wait.”

We’re glad Jenni found a bakery that serves food for her super strict diet, as we think she should definitely treat herself occasionally! However, that “protein cookie” doesn’t look super tasty, though it’s probably not as much of a splurge as a regular one!

Are you surprised at how strict JWOWW’s diet is, or do you think she’s eating right? Share below!