Credit: Instagram Photo: JWOWW Is Nearly Naked and Unrecognizable

JWOWW is a gorgeous gal who enhances her features with makeup on the daily, but she didn’t always go for bold lipsticks and fake eyelashes.

Yesterday, the Jersey Shore guidette Instagrammed a throwback pic of her and her “Long Island girlies” back in 2008, and we can’t believe how different she looks! While she understandably looks younger since this was five years ago, without intense eye makeup covering her up, we can see her natural beauty shine.

However, she does distract us with a revealing top that is basically a glorified bra. Jenni’s cleavage and belly button ring are prominently displayed, and even her pants have a gaping hole in them! Oh, and today, her engagement ring is the most bling-tastic item on her at all times, but back then, it was obviously her bejeweled belt...

What do you think of JWOWW’s nearly-makeup-free look? Do you prefer her au naturel or glammed out? Tell us below!