Credit: MTV

Watch out, Roger Mathews! It looks like JWoww has yet another celebrity crush — and this guy can sing! Not even this Jersey Shore star is immune to Pitch Perfect star Skylar Astin's velvety smooth voice. 

The two were seen getting cozy at Logo's 2013 NewNowNext Awards, where Skylar presented an award with Jai Rodriguez and Jwoww took the plunge in a low-cut, form-fitting black gown. "Me and the gorgeous skylar astin at new now next... Singing melts my heart," Jwoww tweeted

Credit: Instagram

The Pitch Perfect star responded with "High praise!" Aw, we're happy these two are now friends. Perhaps Jwoww — and her fiance Roger — will hang out with Skylar after Sunday night's 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Skylar will be performing with his Pitch Perfect co-stars, and JWoww will be presenting. However, Skylar has some big competition if he wants to be JWoww's No. 1 leading man because she's already head over heels for Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy. (And really, who isn't? Have you seen him snuggle with this puppy?) 

Our fave guidette recently shared her disappointment in her celeb crush's major MTV Movie Award snub in the Best Shirtless Performance category. "I'm pretty pissed off that Christian Bale is nominated for 'Dark Knight Rises' and not Tom Hardy," JWoww told MTV. "Even though Tom was notcompletely shirtless, he was still hotter in his Bane sexy outfit."

We couldn't agree more, JWoww!