Credit: Twitter Photo: JWOWW Goes Makeup Free at the Gym With Roger

JWOWW is usually dressed to the nines in high heels, curve-hugging clothing, and tons of makeup, but there is one place you might catch the Jersey Shore star going super casual in public.

So, where does the guidette dare to bare, going au naturel? At the gym, of course!

Jenni’s fiancé, Roger Mathews, tweeted a selfie of them on the way to work out, and judging by her hand gesture and annoyed facial expression, we’re guessing she wasn’t too happy about it.

And to top it off, he referred to his betrothed as “Poopface” in the shot. Way harsh, Rog!

With how lovely her skin looks, we gotta wonder why we don’t see a made-under JWOWW more often! Do you think she should go makeup-free all the time? Sound off below!