Credit: Twitter

It’s no secret that our girl JWOWW is a big fan of expressing herself through body art. She’s appeared on the cover of Inked Magazine in a fabulously sexy photoshoot, and got herself a very big hip tattoo last year of a ferocious tiger.

She told Inked Magazine that her tattoos of a dragon and tiger symbolize good versus evil (via Vibe) and balance each other out Now the guidette is itching for a brand new tattoo, and we have a feeling this one may not be as yin and yang.

“Wanting new ink so baddddd...,” JWOWW tweeted recently. “Debating on having a contest for one of u guys to draw my next tattoo.”

A fan contest to design JWOWW’s next piece of body art? That sounds pretty exciting, and we think it’s a cool way to involve her fans!

Of course Jenni’s BFF Joey tweeted “matching BFF tattoos?!”, which she responded: “Yesssss.” Now that would be cute.

What do you think of the idea of a fan contest to design JWOWW’s new tattoo? Sound off below!

Source: Vibe