Credit: Instagram

JWOWW is known for wearing attire with plunging necklines, and revealing ample cleavage all the time, and we love her for it. But she really went for it in a new photo, wearing only duct tape over her breasts!

In the photo, our girl looks hotter than ever while speaking out for a great cause. Jenni is the first Jersey Shore castmate to pose for NOH8, a campaign which promotes marriage, gender, and human equality.

Naturally, JWOWW couldn’t just wear tape over her mouth — which all celebs posing wear to symbolize being “silenced” by Prop 8, which bans gay marriage — she had to show off her rockin’ bod, too. The tape covers a little more than half of her breasts, but still doesn’t leave much up to the imagination...

We’re so happy that Jenni is standing up for such a great cause, but we’re surprised that she didn’t wear a white T-shirt like everyone else typically does. But hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and there’s no denying that her photo will definitely garner the campaign some well-deserved attention.

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