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JWOWW and Snooki have always said they’re like sisters, so it’s no surprise that they make fun of each other just like sisters do: relentlessly.

In a group interview with Us Weekly, the Jersey Shore cast chatted about their favorite moments on the show, and Snooki’s parenting skills. JWOWW says, “Nicole’s the same Nicole only she’s all about Lorenzo, and she’s no longer selfish.”

That might seem harsh, but Snooki just laughs and says, “I’m still kinda selfish.”

It’s also worth noting that The Situation is joking around with Snooki just like old times. Is it a sign that they’re back to besties, or is her lack of responses to his teasing a sign that she’s not feeling it?

Watch the full interview below!

Credit: Us Weekly Photo: The Situation Jokes Around With Snooki: Are They Back to Being Friends? (VIDEO)

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