Credit: Instagram

The fabulous JWOWW is known for wearing from pretty sexy, revealing outfits, never ashamed or afraid to her out her “girls” for all to see. Recently, she Instagrammed a super sexy new pic of her posing seductively for the camera, wearing a high-waisted black pants and a black bra, her hair slicked back to complete the revealing look that exposes her waist and chest.

This look reminds me of Madonna and Marilyn for some reason lol,” JWOWW wrote as a caption. We wonder where she’d wear this outfit to, or if she’s just playing dress-up for fun!

This look is definitely more sophisticated than the wild guidette outfits she wore back in the day when she hit the clubs and gained her nickname. Back then she nearly bared all while rocking

ripped tights, tops and little more than fabric and lace, showing off most of her super toned body.

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