Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: JWOWW Shows Off Her Abs For Roger

For JWOWW, keeping in shape may seem easy, but apparently even she struggles fighting off the cravings — especially when it comes to pizza!

Jenni took to Twitter Thursday to tell us what she wants, what she really, really wants, writing:

When a fan asked Jenni if she’s seeing great results from the diet, she responded, “Very. But you have to do cardio as well.” And we know she loves her cardio!

It’s no surprise that JWOWW spends a fair amount of time working out with fiancé, Roger, and apparently mixing that with “Paleo” is working.

The Paleo Diet — more commonly known as the Caveman Diet — is one of the healthiest plans known, and only includes fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, and seafood that our “hunter-gatherer ancestors would have thrived on” — AKA no cheese and no pizza!

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