Credit: Instagram

Oh no! JWOWW said some pretty alarming things on Twitter recently about not being able to breathe and having burning eyes, and also Instagrammed this pic of her looking under the weather, wearing no makeup, and taking a moment to lay down in her sweats. Is she OK? What’s wrong with Jenni?

“This was me all day because of allergies,” she wrote as a caption. She included the hashtags: “#awful #cantbreathe #headhurts #eyesburn #noseisraw,” and channeled her BFF Snooki with “#wahhhhhhh.” Poor JWOWW! It is allergy season after all, notorious for being tough on everyone who’s allergic to pollen.

We hope she feels better and maybe gets some allergy medicine to alleviate her symptoms, as they sound pretty intense.

Are you also suffering from similar allergy symptoms like JWOWW? What are your favorite remedies? Sound off below!