Credit: JWOWW's Twitter Photo: Snooki and JWOWW on New Year's Eve 2013

Poor JWOWW suffered a rear-bearing wardrobe malfunction during her New Year’s Eve countdown with Snooki, and at least one photo snapped of the incident turned out to be a rather unflattering glimpse of her from behind.

Instead of letting the matter die away on its own, though, JWOWW decided to show her hiney off – on purpose this time – to give everyone a good, hard look at her tookus and know for sure that it’s much nicer than it appeared in the show.

Taking to her Keek account, JWOWW posted these two videos of herself proudly posing in panties – with high heels and a beanie for some reason – to ensure the world that her rump is taut.

Well, that’s certainly one way to handle such a thing. Take that, photoshoppers!

Source: E! Online, JWOWW on Keek, JWOWW on Keek