Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: JWOWW Shows Off Her Abs For Roger

JWOWW’s been hitting the gym on the regular lately, and all that intense working out sure is working wonders for the former Jersey Shore star right about now — just ask her fiancé, Roger Mathews.

Jenni shared this photo of her shirtless, super toned self, writing, “Told u they were there roger lol before breakfast at least lol @rogermathewsNj.” Sounds to us like Rodg doubted the existence of Jenni’s rock hard abs, but clearly this pic proves him wrong.

And Roger even had a little fun with his gal, responding, “@JENNIWOWW Looking good babe. Remember only 2 raisins for breakfast and a thimble of water. For lunch u can have a rice cake and pine needles.”

Psh, silly Roger, everyone knows twigs are healthier than pine needles! 

In reality, JWOWW’s meals look more like this, but we love that she and Roger are always engaging in playful banter on Twitter.

And given the state of Jenni’s bod, Roger is one lucky man!