Credit: Photo via Facebook Photo: JWOWW’s Beautiful Bun
Could JWOWW be the Angelina Jolie of the Jersey Shore crew? Possibly. The Jersey Shore star tweeted and Facebooked yesterday that she is sponsoring a Brazillian boy named Larinha through She hopes to make a trip to Brazil to meet the 1-year-old in the spring, and even called fans to action via Facebook.
JWOWW updated, "not telling people to go out there and do what i do but if you have extra money and would love to give back to your community or other ones then rock on!!! any publicity is good publicity...if i can get it out there so more children can get help in childcare then we make a small difference."
It looks like the party girl is in the spirit of giving. She's getting some backlash from Facebook fans for not sponsoring a child in America, but we're all for charitable Jersey Shore stars. Props, JWOWW.

Source: Twitter

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