Credit: Ron Asadorian/Splash News; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

She may be engaged to the love of her life, but JWOWW is still on the prowl in her imagination! Recently, she told MTV that she was pissed that Christian Bale had been nominated for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards’ Best Shirtless Scene, feeling Tom Hardy had been unfairly snubbed.

In the interview, she let Tom know that he was “more than welcome to take [his] shirt off backstage” for her, and she was ready to give him a “big award for it”!

Sadly, it looks like Tom Hardy was a no-show this year — he’s too busy being adorable with puppies in Brooklyn — but that didn’t stop JWOWW from making a final plea with the sexy actor.

“Dear Tom Hardy...” she tweeted. “Please attend the next movie awards so I can make out with u... Love ur girlfriend.”

Well, JWOWW did have fiancé Roger Mathews at the awards with her to smooch instead. We bet he was relieved that Tom didn’t actually show...

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