Credit: MTV Photo: JWOWW Says Goodbye to Tom in Season 2, Episode 10, "Gone, Baby, Gone"
JWOWW's ex-boyfriend, Tom, whom you may remember from such arguments as "get that guy out of your phone book," is now suing the Jersey Shore bombshell to the tune of $350,000. Do you think it was a nasty breakup?

Tom Lippolis claims that, while the two were an item, he acted as the sole negotiator of JWOWW's contracts, but never got a cut of the profits as her business manager. Apparently, it's thanks to him that JWOWW scored $17,500 per episode of Jersey Shore, plus a $75,000 bonus after the season did so well. He also says he booked her nightclub appearances, worked on contracts for her tanning lotion company, and scored her a deal with a plastic surgeon. He's estimating fees he is owed cost around $350,000, and he's suing JWOWW to pay up.

JWOWW's lawyers insist Lippolis was paid in full for all the nightclub gigs he booked, but deny that he had anything to do with JWOWW's MTV deals or tanning lotion company.

Let this be a lesson to the Jersey Shore crew: don't mix romance and business...unless you're just hooking up with each other for ratings. That's okay.

Source: TMZ