Credit: Getty Images Photo: JWOWW and Roger Mathews

Ever since Snooki gave birth to her adorable son, Lorenzo, we’ve been hoping that her BFF JWOWW would follow suit.

And though Jenni and Roger revealed they want to have a baby in a “year or two,” it’s possible that it will happen sooner — especially since Roger asked his fiancée to make a baby last night!

This all started when Snooki tweeted at Roger, writing, “Can you guys make a baby tonight? K thanks,” and he quickly responded with a surprising answer.

“Just asked her,” he replied. “She made an excuse to not sleep with me. Said she has split ends and or something. Sounds serious.”

Fooled us again, Roger! It’s clear that the duo was just joking around, but we can’t help but hope that Jenni will decide to have a baby sooner rather than later. The couple is happily engaged and looking to get married in the spring or summer, and you know what they say: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage …

Do you think JWOWW and Roger should have a baby soon, or should they wait as long as they want? Sound off below!