JWOWW and her fiancé, Roger Mathews, have a great relationship and are always showing everyone how in love they are, but today, they took it to the next level.

This morning, Roger tweeted at Jenni, writing, “I'd like to schedule a sexual rendezvous for later. I’ll stop by Foot Locker on my way home from work and pick up a shoe horn.”

For one, whoa! And secondly, a shoe horn? We don’t want to know what they’re doing with that in the bedroom …

Not-so-surprisingly, JWOWW didn’t respond, and when a follower pointed that out, he wrote, “My comments fall on deaf ears.”

Oh, Roger. Maybe next time he should try a text or even a SnapChat. Those might work better than a public sexual comment!

Do you think Roger was just trying to be sexy and funny, or was this a total overshare? Sound off below!