Credit: MTV

JWOWW has been experimenting with new diets for the past few months, and it looks like she may be trying out a whole new lifestyle now: gluten-free!

Last we knew, Jenni was on The Paleo Diet (aka the Caveman Diet) that only includes fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, and seafood that hunter-gatherers thrived on. However, her best friend Joey tweeted at her the other day with some pics of their gluten-free vacation snacks.

JWOWW didn’t respond with any commentary about the “cardboard” pretzels, so maybe they were just trying ‘em out! But we wouldn’t be surprised if she went gluten-free — her current diet doesn’t include bread, so it isn’t a huge loss.

She was juicing a few weeks ago, so she could completely change her diet tomorrow! Sigh, we just can’t keep up.

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