Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Snooki Drinks Pickle Juice on Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 1

Now that Vinny has abandoned the Shore house (at least for a couple of episodes), we don’t think we’re the only ones who could use a drink, or several. That’s why we bring you this week’s Jersey Shore drinking game, specifically designed for tonight’s Season 5, Episode 3: “Dropping Like Flies.” Play along, for as long as you can.

Take a Sip of Pickle Juice Martini (vodka + pickle juice) Every Time:
Pauly D mentions Vinny’s name
Snooki mentions Jionni’s name
The Situation drinks alcohol
Snooki stumbles off a bar stool, on the boardwalk, or just in general
Deena exclaims how much she loves gay guys

Take a Big Gulp of Ron Ron Juice Every Time:
Sammi Sweatpants wears sweatpants
Anyone mentions The Unit
JWOWW forgets to wear a shirt
Ronnie gets a case of the giggles
The Situation wears his sunglasses at night

Just Down the Entire Bottle of Ron Ron Juice Every Time:
Pauly D gets it in, in Vinny’s old bed
Anyone talks to Vinny on the duck phone
Deena Nicole cries over spilled hair extensions
You spot a Seaside Heights policeman
JWOWW mentions Roger’s name

Don’t worry if you don’t remember anything that happened in the episode come Friday morning — we’ll refresh your memory in our recap.

Watch Jersey Shore tonight, January 19 at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

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