Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Vinny and Pauly Watch Snooki and Deena Make Out on Jersey Shore September 15, 2011Shore

For those of you hotly anticipating Jersey Shore star Vinny’s acting debut on 90210, you'll be happy to know he wrapped his first day of shooting the soap-y CW series yesterday.

Apparently, the acting bug has really took a hold on Vinny: He's been apartment hunting between takes in Los Angeles this week, but he assured fans via Twitter that he wouldn't be ditching his East Coast roots for good — he’s just kickin' it bi-coastal style.

But not everything is roses and LA apartments for the reality star, Vinny lashed out at critics on Twitter after haters started doubting his thespian skills.

"Oh no! A reality star on a real tv show!!!! How can he act,” Vinny tweeted. “All he's capable of is fistpumpimg!! Non human reality star with no brain."

As long as there are no hammy accents to put on (we’ve all seen Vinny’s “impression” of Italians on Jersey Shore) we're willing to give his acting upgrade a shot.

Source: Twitter